A good friend of ours just had a funny experience while traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport, one worth sharing here.

Customs officer: Ma’am, what do you feed your baby?

Mom: Breast milk.

Customs officer: Can i see it?

Mom: What? You want to see my breasts?

Customs officer: (red as a tomato) Uum..oh no ma’am, no. I thought it was in a bottle. I’m so sorry ma’am. (as her co-workers double over with laughter.)

Even though our book is primarily about what to do before and during pregnancy, up to and including birth, we talk about the importance of breastfeeding because it’s so fundamental to creating a healthy immune system and brain in young children. It’s a sad commentary on society when the “default” image of breastfeeding an infant involves plastic bottles that need to be inspected for safety by a security guard who probably wasn’t even breast-fed herself, given the low percentage of babies who are formula-free for even the first few months of life.

Here’s to our friend Christa, who had the courage and sense of humor to reply to such a ridiculous question with a quick and funny answer. Babies drink breast milk, which is best served warm and from the breast (or from a bottle when the breasts aren’t available!). Let’s help everyone remember that. :)