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The Fertility Boosting Vitamin You Aren’t Getting Enough Of

In Avoiding Toxins, Baby Intelligence, Better Baby Diet, Fertility, Supplements On August 30, 2011 1,393 Comments

Every mother believes she’s getting enough nutrients for her child.  Despite their best attempts, most parents deficient in vitamin D.  To understand the importance of vitamin D, you… Read More »

Research Proves Soft Drinks Help Babies Fit In Better

In Better Baby Book, Better Baby Diet On August 17, 2011 386 Comments

  Check out the fine print of this ad. It says “Laboratory tests have proven that babies who start drinking soda early…have a much higher chance of …… Read More »

High Amounts of Scary IQ-destroying Chemical Now Allowed in Mom’s Food

In Avoiding Toxins, Baby Intelligence, Better Baby Diet, Fertility On August 16, 2011 590 Comments

Infants are at greatest risk, as the EPA’s final health risk assessment allowed an infant ten times more exposure to sulfuryl fluoride than an adult.The safe reference dose… Read More »


Teach Your Baby to Like Healthy Food While You’re Pregnant

In Better Baby Diet, Epigenetics, Important News On August 10, 2011 299 Comments

via Get Your Child to Like Vegetables Before Birth – ABC News. Here’s a video from ABC about new research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, showing that… Read More »

More than half the cases of schizophrenia are caused by toxins – even in your baby

In Avoiding Toxins, Baby Intelligence, Better Baby Diet On August 10, 2011 7,067 Comments

According to new research from Columbia University Medical Center, more than half of non-hereditary schizophrenia is caused by genetic errors that are present in schizophrenics, but not their… Read More »