Infants are at greatest risk, as the EPA’s final health risk assessment allowed an infant ten times more exposure to sulfuryl fluoride than an adult.The safe reference dose for infants was set at 1.14 mg/kg/day compared to the safe reference dose for adults of 0.114 mg/kg/day. This was the first time in EPA’s history that infants and children were deemed less sensitive to a contaminant than adults!It was also a clear violation of the Food Quality Protection Act, which states that children need more protection than adults in the approval process for pesticides.

via Anti-Fluoride Efforts Buoyed By Sulfuryl Fluoride Ban.

The above quote is from a long research piece about a new food fumigant used on non-organic foods. Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigant creates a lot of fluoride residue in non-organic foods, including wheat, raisins, and dried eggs.

While we’ve all been told that fluoride stops cavities, few people know that fluoride is also a prescription drug used to stop thyroid function. A healthy thyroid in mothers and babies is critical to healthy tissue formation, especially during pregnancy.

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) earlier this year published a letter which explained:

“… EPA set a fluoride tolerance for wheat flour at 125 ppm. That is certainly not negligible as a simple calculation will show. Three slices of bread (about 75 g wheat) made from wheat flour at 125 ppm fluoride would contain 9 mg of fluoride. For a 25-kg child this would produce a dosage of 0.36 mg/kg, which exceeds the dosage that can cause acute toxicity…”

This is shocking – an IQ-destroying drug residue is now legally allowed at high levels for babies and mothers in non-organic foods. Our book talks more about how fluoride can hurt a baby in the womb – and provides information about how vitamin A, D, and K from food and supplements can reverse cavities as long as you stop eating sugar. Even moderate amounts of fluoride in a mother’s diet can cause discolored teeth in her babies.

If you haven’t already, check out our recommended pregnancy diet here on our site, and buy organic whenever you can. Some non-organic foods are safe, but there is no way to know which ones are fumigated or not.