Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on GAPS Nutritional Program.

We highly recommend you watch the above video from Dr. Mercola’s website. His interview with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is fantastic.

One of the reasons we created the Better Baby program is because we were concerned that our own children would have autism. We were high risk parents – both older than average, and Dave is an engineering-oriented father who had symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome until his early 20′s.

Our book (final draft goes to Wiley & Sons this week!) includes a chapter on what we did to reduce the odds of autism. One of our big recommendations is to take high quality probiotics before you even get pregnant, while you’re pregnant, and afterwards.

Like Dr. Natasha Cambpell-McBride, We thought it was so important for our children to get the right bacteria started in their GI systems that we sprinkled a small amount of a special strain of probiotics for babies onto Lana’s nipples while she was nursing both of our children when they were each only a week old. While not widely known, this technique is safe, as long as you use the right strains. Here is a study showing that it is indeed safe, and that babies fed certain strains were less irritable and colicky than babies who didn’t get healthy bacteria. We used Bacillus lactis (Bb 12) and S. thermophilus.

We write about the specifics of this technique, as well as many other things you can do to help your children have a lower chance of autism, starting from before you even get pregnant and before your children are even born.

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