Recently we posted about adding healthy fats to your breakfast by blending grass-fed butter into morning coffee or tea.  Here are a few variations on our recipe that make it even more delicious and healthy.

To make a mocha, try adding pure cocoa butter to our regular recipe.  A square of Lindt 90% dark chocolate works too.  A drop of mint extract can turn it into a mint mocha.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a vanilla latte, you can add a splash of vanilla extract.  We sprinkle cinnamon on top sometimes to replicate a cappuccino.

Whether you’re making a plain cup of coffee or a fancy mocha or vanilla latte, adding xylitol to taste is a great way to make the drink sweet without adding unhealthy amounts of sugar.

You can also blend a tablespoon or two of MCT into the drink to add even more healthy fats.  MCT is completely flavorless and nearly disappears.

Blending in organic, non-GMO soy lecithin or egg yolks makes the drink a great source of brain-building choline and helps the healthy butter and MCT fats stay blended evenly throughout the drink, making it creamier even after it cools off a bit.

Sometimes we create new recipes depending on how we feel or what mood we’re in.  Last summer it was really hot, so we added coffee, Kerrygold, xylitol, egg yolks, vanilla extract, and ice to the blender and made frappuccinos!