Here is more confirmation that epigenetics plays a key role in the health of our children. Our book is one of the few that covers how the health of a father affects his offspring’s genetics. The study discussed in this article found that if father has a poor diet, his children and even his grandchildren can suffer from it–even if Mom is healthy.  Men, if you and your partner are trying to have a baby, this is something to consider before that next beer or low-fat chocolate-frosted sugar bomb!

“A man who pursues an unhealthy diet, it turns out, not only increases the risk of numerous diseases in his direct offspring (cancer, diabetes, infertility, etc.), he also increases that risk for multiple generations of offspring.


This was recently demonstrates in a laboratory study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center and presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (…) which showed that cancer risk attributable to the junk food fed to parent rats was passed through two generations even if the direct offspring ate a healthy diet.”