Check out the fine print of this ad. It says “Laboratory tests have proven that babies who start drinking soda early…have a much higher chance of … fitting in during awkward pre-teen years.” And it recommends a “strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages” for your baby.

From a health damage perspective, the difference between soda drinking and cigarette smoking is getting harder to tell apart. The big difference now is that Big Tobacco got caught lying and is regulated, but Big Soda is still much more free to sponsor “laboratory tests” that say things like “corn syrup is just sugar from corn” despite overwhelming evidence that free fructose is metabolized directly into triglycerides and causes fatty liver disease as well as glycosylation, when fructose gets bound permanently to proteins in your body.

But it’s this kind of “research” that is confusing people. Our goal with the Better Baby Book is to read as many studies as we can find, then determine which are make sense and are trustworthy, and incorporate them into our book materials!