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Mommy Brain: It’s Not What You Think : Discovery News

In Epigenetics On May 16, 2011 591 Comments

This fascinating article from Discovery News explains what happens to a mommy’s brain as it reshapes itself during and after pregnancy. The Better Baby Book recommendations are designed… Read More »

The Epigenetics Song

In Epigenetics On May 10, 2011 700 Comments

  via georgefebish.wordpress.com   Scientist Matt Barnett created this short song to explain how epigenetics works. Since our book is about how you can use epigenetics to change… Read More »

Top 2 Food Choices to Have Healthy Baby Genes (as Shared with a Major Woman’s Magazine)

In Better Baby Diet, Epigenetics On March 16, 2011 423 Comments

How exciting! We just got contacted by a reporter writing a story for a very large women’s fashion magazine doing a story about epigenetics, the science explaining how… Read More »

NY Times on How Your Womb Affects Your Grandkids

In Epigenetics On November 21, 2010 310 Comments

Researchers are finding indications that obesity, diabetes and mental illness among adults are all related in part to what happened in the womb decades earlier. via nytimes.com It’s… Read More »

Study shows what early-life nutrition is linked to higher adult intellectual function

In Baby Intelligence, Better Baby Diet, Epigenetics On October 19, 2010 515 Comments

ScienceDaily (July 8, 2008) — Adults who had improved nutrition in early childhood may score better on intellectual tests, regardless of the number of years they attended school,… Read More »