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Why High Fat Diets Make Smarter Babies

In Baby Intelligence, Better Baby Book, Better Baby Diet On October 13, 2011 5,041 Comments

Your baby’s brain is a ball of fat. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it’s essential. The human brain is composed of over 2/3 fat, the… Read More »

Misinformation about high-fat diets during pregnancy

In Better Baby Diet On July 26, 2011 378 Comments

via labspaces.net Oregon Health & Science University just released a shockingly bad study purporting to claim that a high-fat diet during pregnancy increases the risk of stillbirth. The… Read More »

Top 2 Food Choices to Have Healthy Baby Genes (as Shared with a Major Woman’s Magazine)

In Better Baby Diet, Epigenetics On March 16, 2011 423 Comments

How exciting! We just got contacted by a reporter writing a story for a very large women’s fashion magazine doing a story about epigenetics, the science explaining how… Read More »

2010 Study: Eating Saturated Fat Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease

In Better Baby Diet On November 11, 2010 157 Comments

Flawed science gets oversimplified and recirculated in the media. Because of this, people have come to believe that eating saturated fats makes them gain weight and causes high… Read More »

A delicious way to add healthy fats to your breakfast

In Better Baby Diet On October 15, 2010 238 Comments

When our friends hear that we eat a diet high in healthy fats, they often ask us how we do it.  One friend asked, “I don’t have time… Read More »