I’ve been practicing this for years – eating significant amounts of grass-fed butter and coconut oil daily as a way to enhance my brain, increase my fat burning, and stay energized. Lana and I cover this in The Better Baby Book as a way to help pregnant women get enough healthy fat to build healthy (and bigger) baby brains.

While we both eat straight coconut oil sometimes, doing it right is more complex. Some forms of coconut oil have brain-killing toxins formed by mold in the coconuts that are pressed for oil. Go for high-end virgin brands that taste good and avoid “copra” coconut oil.

Or even better yet, much of the time, we use a coconut oil extract called MCT oil that is liquid at room temperature, has no flavor at all, and has been shown to be used directly in the brain’s mitochondria for fuel. We use it in salad dressings and smoothies. You can get our MCT oil on our website – every person we know who has tried this has come back for more.