The Better Baby Book

Dr. Lana Asprey specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and children’s health coaching. She is a Karolinska Institute-trained MD and mother of two lovely children.  Lana practiced family medicine and internal medicine in Stockholm, Sweden prior to moving to North America. For five years she was also the CEO of a U.S.-based medical testing company which specialized in detecting hard-to-spot allergies to metals, environmental toxins and Lyme.

Through her daily contact with people who were searching to regain their health, energy, or fertility, Lana gathered a deep understanding of the link that exists between environment, personal wellbeing, diet, and health. Those became the four cornerstones of her fertility practice, which now includes clients all over the world.

Lana believes in developing a personal connection with her clients, and only works with a small number each year. This ensures that each client has the level of access and care that meets their unique needs.