Avoiding Toxins

Growing Up With Pesticides and Why You Should Eat Organic

by Lana September 15, 2013 Avoiding Toxins

Those of you who are familiar with the Better Baby Book and our work, know that we are strong advocates for organic produce, grass fed meat, and reduction/elimination of chemicals […]

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Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Lowers Baby’s IQ

by Dave June 27, 2012 Avoiding Toxins

The goal of the Better Baby Book is to help parents have healthier babies, and we want all kids to grow up with optimal health.   It’s great when main […]

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Is Round-Up Harming Your Kids?

by Dave September 6, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

Imagine your children playing in the grass.  You’ve worked hard to keep them safe from toxins and provide everything they need by following our advice.  All is well – except […]

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The Fertility Boosting Vitamin You Aren’t Getting Enough Of

by Dave August 30, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

Every mother believes she’s getting enough nutrients for her child.  Despite their best attempts, most parents deficient in vitamin D.  To understand the importance of vitamin D, you have to […]

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High Amounts of Scary IQ-destroying Chemical Now Allowed in Mom’s Food

by Dave August 16, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

Infants are at greatest risk, as the EPA’s final health risk assessment allowed an infant ten times more exposure to sulfuryl fluoride than an adult.The safe reference dose for infants […]

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More than half the cases of schizophrenia are caused by toxins – even in your baby

by Dave August 10, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

According to new research from Columbia University Medical Center, more than half of non-hereditary schizophrenia is caused by genetic errors that are present in schizophrenics, but not their parents. This […]

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Avoid this common food toxin in order to be healthier…and have a healthier baby

by Dave September 9, 2010 Avoiding Toxins

Many people just don’t know about how impactful mold toxins can be to their health, and very few people know how to avoid them.  While some foods are more prone […]

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