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Celebrate the Birth of an Important Book!

by Dave December 31, 2012 Better Baby Book

A few days ago we received a wonderful gift in our inbox: notification that The Better Baby Book is NOW available  on Kindle or by pre-order for paperback on Amazon!  What […]

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Bulletproof Editorial for the New York Times: Why Eating Meat is Ethical

by Dave May 11, 2012 Better Baby Book

Several weeks ago the New York Times gave an invitation to its readers: “Tell us why it is ethical to eat meat.” The winner, Jay Bost, a vegetarian returned to […]

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Thumbnail image for Reducing Autism Risk with Epigenetics (and a few bacteria)

Reducing Autism Risk with Epigenetics (and a few bacteria)

by Dave March 7, 2012 Baby Intelligence

Autism is a widespread and misunderstood disease.  It affects one percent of the population, and grows each year. In the US alone, that’s around 3 million people. There are lots […]

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Is Round-Up Harming Your Kids?

by Dave September 6, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

Imagine your children playing in the grass.  You’ve worked hard to keep them safe from toxins and provide everything they need by following our advice.  All is well – except […]

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Teach Your Baby to Like Healthy Food While You’re Pregnant

by Dave August 10, 2011 Better Baby Diet

via Get Your Child to Like Vegetables Before Birth – ABC News. Here’s a video from ABC about new research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, showing that what you […]

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Newly Discovered Prenatal Immune System: Play it Safe With Vaccines During Pregnancy

by Dave July 2, 2011 Important News

UCSF researchers just discovered a new immune system in second trimester babies. Until now, we believed that the fetal immune system was just an immature copy of adult immune systems. […]

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FDA Turns $10 Preterm Birth Progesterone Drug into $1500 Profit Center

by Dave April 7, 2011 Important News

A synthetic form of progesterone was given FDA approval more than half a century ago, and ever since doctors have been prescribing it for their patients with high-risk pregnancies through […]

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Wikileaks tells us more about GMO corn, politics, and your baby’s health

by Dave March 11, 2011 Better Baby Diet

Study Concludes Three Monsanto GM Corn Varieties Toxic to Mammals The Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering participated in a study published in the International Journal of […]

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