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Interviewed by Ask Bryan!

by Lana February 25, 2013 Interviews

Recently Dave was interviewed by foodie and teacher Bryan Davis from the Ask Bryan podcast! Doc Fermento as he’s known by friends  is a lacto-fermentation expert of fame.  He is on the unfolding […]

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Celebrate the Birth of an Important Book!

by Dave December 31, 2012 Better Baby Book

A few days ago we received a wonderful gift in our inbox: notification that The Better Baby Book is NOW available  on Kindle or by pre-order for paperback on Amazon!  What […]

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Our Take on Being Featured in Vogue Magazine!

by Lana May 25, 2012 Better Baby Book

We’re excited! Vogue Magazine just featured us in an article about epigenetics and how your environment during pregnancy shapes your children. Look for us in the June 2012 print issue. […]

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Bulletproof Editorial for the New York Times: Why Eating Meat is Ethical

by Dave May 11, 2012 Better Baby Book

Several weeks ago the New York Times gave an invitation to its readers: “Tell us why it is ethical to eat meat.” The winner, Jay Bost, a vegetarian returned to […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Vitamin D & Autism

by Dave November 9, 2011 Baby Intelligence

  “Maybe you’ve been spending too much time in the sun.” We’ve all heard it before.  Usually, it’s a “polite” way relatives like to tease you about your brain not […]

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Thumbnail image for Why High Fat Diets Make Smarter Babies

Why High Fat Diets Make Smarter Babies

by Dave October 13, 2011 Baby Intelligence

Your baby’s brain is a ball of fat. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it’s essential. The human brain is composed of over 2/3 fat, the rest being […]

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Hooray! The Better Baby Book Proposal is in Publishers’ Hands!

by Dave December 5, 2010 Better Baby Book

Hi everyone, We’ve been working for almost 2 years on The Better Baby Book, making it easy to understand what we did to have healthier, more intelligent babies, why we […]

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Welcome to the Better Baby Blog

by Dave June 17, 2010 Better Baby Book

Hi, we’re Lana and Dave, the authors of the Better Baby Book. First and foremost, we’re the parents of two young, healthy children. Lana is a medical doctor who trained […]

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