Celebrate the Birth of an Important Book!

by Dave December 31, 2012 Better Baby Book

A few days ago we received a wonderful gift in our inbox: notification that The Better Baby Book is NOW available  on Kindle or by pre-order for paperback on Amazon!  What […]

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Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Lowers Baby’s IQ

by Dave June 27, 2012 Avoiding Toxins

The goal of the Better Baby Book is to help parents have healthier babies, and we want all kids to grow up with optimal health.   It’s great when main […]

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Thumbnail image for Reducing Autism Risk with Epigenetics (and a few bacteria)

Reducing Autism Risk with Epigenetics (and a few bacteria)

by Dave March 7, 2012 Baby Intelligence

Autism is a widespread and misunderstood disease.  It affects one percent of the population, and grows each year. In the US alone, that’s around 3 million people. There are lots […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Vitamin D & Autism

by Dave November 9, 2011 Baby Intelligence

  “Maybe you’ve been spending too much time in the sun.” We’ve all heard it before.  Usually, it’s a “polite” way relatives like to tease you about your brain not […]

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Why High Fat Diets Make Smarter Babies

by Dave October 13, 2011 Baby Intelligence

Your baby’s brain is a ball of fat. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it’s essential. The human brain is composed of over 2/3 fat, the rest being […]

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One of the easiest things you can do to raise your baby’s IQ

by Dave February 5, 2011 Baby Intelligence

via… Here’s a link to a fantastic piece explaining how bad fluoride is for you and your babies. Please watch the video. It’s interesting that fluoride is actually […]

3 comments Read More >> – Folic Acid and Iron in Mom Help Kids Achieve More

by Dave December 30, 2010 Supplements

Kids achieve more if moms ‘pump’ iron Giving pregnant women iron and folic acid supplements was positively associated with children’s general intellectual ability, some aspects of executive function, and fine […]

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Study shows what early-life nutrition is linked to higher adult intellectual function

by Dave October 19, 2010 Baby Intelligence

ScienceDaily (July 8, 2008) — Adults who had improved nutrition in early childhood may score better on intellectual tests, regardless of the number of years they attended school, according to […]

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