Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Lowers Baby’s IQ

by Dave June 27, 2012 Avoiding Toxins

The goal of the Better Baby Book is to help parents have healthier babies, and we want all kids to grow up with optimal health.   It’s great when main […]

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The Scary Truth About Low-Fat Yogurt During Pregnancy

by Dave January 4, 2012 Baby Intelligence

Pregnant mothers are in a dilemma.  You want to nourish your baby, stay healthy, and not go crazy trying to keep up with everything around the house.  You need fast, […]

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Newly Discovered Prenatal Immune System: Play it Safe With Vaccines During Pregnancy

by Dave July 2, 2011 Important News

UCSF researchers just discovered a new immune system in second trimester babies. Until now, we believed that the fetal immune system was just an immature copy of adult immune systems. […]

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Top 2 Food Choices to Have Healthy Baby Genes (as Shared with a Major Woman’s Magazine)

by Dave March 16, 2011 Better Baby Diet

How exciting! We just got contacted by a reporter writing a story for a very large women’s fashion magazine doing a story about epigenetics, the science explaining how you can […]

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Avoid this common food toxin in order to be healthier…and have a healthier baby

by Dave September 9, 2010 Avoiding Toxins

Many people just don’t know about how impactful mold toxins can be to their health, and very few people know how to avoid them.  While some foods are more prone […]

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