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What You Didn’t Know About Vitamin D & Autism

by Dave November 9, 2011 Baby Intelligence

  “Maybe you’ve been spending too much time in the sun.” We’ve all heard it before.  Usually, it’s a “polite” way relatives like to tease you about your brain not […]

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The Fertility Boosting Vitamin You Aren’t Getting Enough Of

by Dave August 30, 2011 Avoiding Toxins

Every mother believes she’s getting enough nutrients for her child.  Despite their best attempts, most parents deficient in vitamin D.  To understand the importance of vitamin D, you have to […]

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The most affordable way to increase fertility and baby health

by Dave June 20, 2011 Fertility

Below we are posting a section of a message from Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, written about the pioneering vitamin D research of Dr. Bruce […]

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Vitamin D Newsletter | The Untold Need for Vitamin D During Pregnancy

by Dave May 21, 2011 Better Baby Diet

The Untold Need for Vitamin D During Pregnancy Dear Dr Cannell: Thank You for solving what has been a mystery to me for 45 years. I am an orthopedic radiographer […]

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Vitamin D Regulates Your Genes – and Your Baby’s too

by Dave December 29, 2010 Epigenetics

I left medical school thinking of my genome as something I inherited at birth and left to my children in the marriage bed, without giving much thought to what my […]

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The Vitamin D Council Speaks Out On D3 During Pregnancy

by Dave December 1, 2010 Supplements

Today, the Food and Nutrition Board has failed millions… 3:00 PM PST November 30, 2010 Children with vitamin D deficiency rickets After 13 year of silence, the quasi governmental agency, […]

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Another reason to take Vitamin D-3 during pregnancy

by Dave June 24, 2010 Supplements

Today we discovered this press release from the Vitaman D Research Institute. The fact that vitamin D fights influenza provides even more evidence that vitamin D-3 is a powerful way […]

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